Vertical roller mill operation

Vertical roller mill operation

In the actual production, in order to analyze the vertical roller mill condition is good or bad, often using the drawing method of sieve residue curve, according to its decline and fluctuation of the vertical roller mill to determine the gradation, bin Length ratio is reasonable process parameters. The following will be a concrete analysis of sieve residue curve, and introduces its theory basis.

Sieve residue refers to the expression of a quantitative method for powder fineness, is not through the particle mass percentage of the screen to indicate the use of a powder fineness screen aperture. Sieve residue curve is representative of vertical roller mill sieve residue percentage weight change curve of effective length, according to the sieve residue curve can determine the gradation of super fine grinding is reasonable, the chamber separating device of the proper position.

grading operation reasonable vertical roller mill,the sieve residue curve changes should be

in the first chamber is steep, near the discharge end should be flat and inclined down. If the curve slope is not appeared in or have a longer period of close to the horizontal line, indicates that the operation situation of mill is bad, the size of material in this long distance process changed little.

The reason may be due to load gradation, vertical roller mill quantity and average radius of ball is not appropriate, should be appropriate to consider changing the vertical roller mill machine grading or clearance eliminating ball section; if the front and the back chamber separating device, more than ordinary sieve percentage vary greatly, explain the two warehouse capacity is not balanced, should first check whether the partition device of grate hole width meets the requirements and if too wide, should be replaced or blocking complement; if there is a blockage, should eliminate the obstruction.

Is very likely due to the chamber separating device, position is not correct, after crushing and grinding capacity does not match the warehouse. On the basis of the above analysis, in order to reduce the workload, the general first adjust the grading and vertical roller mill load and mean diameter, if ineffective, it should adjust the partition device location, change the length, ratio of warehouse.

But the sieve residue curve also has some shortcomings: not for the guidance of vertical roller mill machine before running, not on the chamber separating device installation location, ideal sieve residue changes make predictions; only targeted research, unable to achieve a unified processing, ultrafine grinding research experience sieve residue curve cannot be another reference.

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