Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor is driven by continuous way to transport a mechanical friction material. Is mainly composed of a machine frame, a conveying belt, roller,tensioning device, transmission device, etc.. It can be the material in the transmission line, feed point from the initial to the unloading point eventually formed between a material conveying process.

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Belt conveyor operation note

In the belt conveyor running before, we must first confirm that the belt conveyor equipment, personnel, is transported goods are in safe and sound condition; secondly, check all moving parts of the normal no foreign body, check all electrical wiring is normal, normal to the belt conveyor running. Finally, to check the power supply voltage and rated voltage for equipment difference is no more than 5%.

In the input conveyor belt running, must do the following

  • turn on the main power switch,to check whether the device power is normal into and power indicator light is bright. Normal after the next operation.
  • close the power switch on each loop, check whether it is normal. Normal state: equipment not action, belt conveyor running indicating lamp is not bright, inverter and other equipment power source indicator light, the display panel displays the normal frequency converter.
  • according to the process successively starting the electric equipment, the normal start of electrical equipment after the last and then the electrical equipment of the next startup.

In the belt conveyer operation, required items are conveying design objects, to comply with the belt conveyor design ability. Secondly, pay attention to all kinds of personnel shall not touch the conveyor belt moving part, non professional personnel shall not contact with electrical components, the control buttonetc..

Finally, in the belt conveyer operation can not be on the inverter circuit breaker, such as determining the repair need, must be at the stop frequency operation condition, otherwise it might damage the transducer.

the conveyor belt Stop running, press the stop button to stop all the rear system can cut off the power supply.

Technical data

Width(mm) Length(m)/Power(kw) Speed(m/s) Capacity(t/h)
400 ≤12/2.2 12~20 /2.2~4 20~25/3.5~7.5 1.25~2.0 30~60
500 ≤12/3
1.25~2.0 40~80
650 ≤12/4
1.25~2.0 80~120
800 ≤10/4
1.25~2.0 120~200
1000 ≤10/5.5
1.25~2.0 200~320
1200 ≤10/7.5
1.25~2.0 290~480

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