Flotation Machine

Flotation Machine

The mechanical type flotation machine can also be used for non metals such as: Coal fluorspar, talc separation. The flotation machine is composed of motor triangle generation transmission drives the impeller to rotate, the flotation machine for ferrous metals beneficiation. The occurrence of centrifugal action to form the negative pressure, a suction sufficient air and slurry mixing, hand mixing pulp mixed with the drug at the same time, the refinement of foam, make mineral adhesive foam above, float to the pulp surface and formation of mineralized bubbles. To adjust the height of flashboard to control the liquid level and make the useful foam scraper scraping.

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flotation machine need attention Matters during installation

Flotation machine adopts multi trough connection, the upper part of each tank body are installed in a cover plate structure, with a uniform gap between adjacent cover, when the flotation machine cover during the installation process did not reach the level of place, cover between overhaul too hours, will produce a level turn spend phenomenon in production.

There is a steady flow plate is installed in the flotation machine, used to guarantee stability of slurry material flow in the device, when after a long time of use for timely maintenance cover plate and a steady flow plate wear caused by damaged, it will directly affect the stability of flow of ore pulp liquid level, thereby producing liquid surface flower phenomenon, cause varying degrees of impact the normal production of equipment.

In order to eliminate the surface flower negative impact on production, in the production and use of flotation machine to ensure the parts before equipment installation is accurate, the groove cover horizontally placed, cover the gap between the uniform, and regular maintenance and overhaul of equipment, damage to the cover plate and the steady flow plate re replacement, ensure a steady flow plate solid integrity, the pulp flow smooth and uniform, thereby eliminating the surface flower phenomenon, reduce the effect on the production quality of the finished product.

Flotation machine is to mine in the groove of the pulp to fully aeration stirring by rotating impeller, the slurry to produce air bubbles of different sizes, the particles in the pulp powder material assisted in a bubble are piling up in the oxidation process to form mineralized layer, when accumulated to a certain extent by scraping plate scrapings obtained the finished sinter material.

Production in the use of flotation machine, flotation machine installation and commissioning due to inaccurate will cause the pulp level flower phenomenon, the slurry surface fluctuate, velocity and lifting are affected, it is time to stop for equipment maintenance and re commissioning, installation and commissioning of equipment to be components meet the design need of production only after the re production work.

Technical data

Model Effective capacity(m³) capacity Diameter of impeller Revolution of impeller Motor power KW Weight of 4 cell cell
for agitating for scraper
XJ1 0.13 0.05~0.6 200 600 Y90L-4 1.5 0.55
XJ2 0.23 0.12~0.28 250 504 Y100L2-4 1.5 0.55
XJ3 0.35 0.18~0.4 300 483 Y112L-4 1.5 0.6
XJ6 0.62 0.3~0.9 350 400 Y132S-6 3 1.1
XJ11 1.1 0.6~1.6 500 330 Y132M2-6 5.5 1.1
XJ28 2.8 1.5~3.5 600 280 Y160L-6 11 1.1
XJ58 5.8 5~7 750 240 Y200L2-6 22 2.2

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