Method for determining the impact crusher hammerhead quality

Method for determining the impact crusher hammerhead quality

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impact crusher is widely used in all kinds of ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical industry, construction and other industries. The nesting grain size can be adjusted, crushing specifications diversification.

impact crusher is the biggest drawback is plate hammer and an impact plate is especially easy to wear, especially for crushing hard ore, wear is more serious, often need to change. At present, due to the emergence of some resistant materials, has been applied in some metal processing plant.

crusher hammerhead large Weight, the rotor rotates the hammerhead kinetic energy high, degree of crushing material is big. Increase but can make the rotor of the centrifugal force and vibration effect is not uniform, bearing wear degree is high; if the hammerhead quality small, for material crushing degree of small (hammer can not effectively break the material, or a hammer blow after material falling backwards, to return to the original hammer position when still can not restore the upright state, then on crushing degree and production capacity is reduced). Determining the hammerhead quality M the general use of kinetic energy and momentum integral method of law.

  • the kinetic method. Hammer crusher work, can think the power of Nm with motor power are all transformed into kinetic energy N of the hammer, and effectively hammer crushing material, by the motor power is Nm, we can calculate the M quality single hammer is: M = 4.32× 107Nm / K1K2D2n3.
  • the momentum method. Momentum method is considered the hammer blow after material hammer velocity loss should be small, that is, smaller amplitude falling backwards, back again hammer position hammer shall be backward state recovery for upright. Otherwise, when the material is easy to hammer blow air, causing power hammer crusher increases production capacity decline. Experiments show that the hammer blow after material loss of speed as long as less than or equal to 50%, hammer returned to restore the normal upright position. Based on the principle of momentum can be calculated to determine M quality single hammer is: Mv1 = (M + M material) V2.

Type: the M material quality, the maximum material kg; V1 hammer blow circumferential velocity of material before, M / S; linear velocity of hammer and hammer material V2 materials, M / s. According to the hammer blow after material loss of speed 50%, V2 = 0.5v1, Mv1 = (M + M material) × 0.5v1 M = M material

By the method of kinetic energy and momentum method calculated the hammerhead quality, choose which quality numerical high identified as the hammerhead quality M. Accordingly, the density of M;rho by hammerhead quality material; and can also determine the hammer crusher Max feeding size.

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