Dolomite impact crusher

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Dolomite impact crusher

Introduction to Dolomite

One of the dolomite carbonate minerals, divided by iron dolomite and manganese dolomite. It is often colorless, white, with a yellow or brown hue, rhombohedron, often in the form of a massive aggregate with a Mohs hardness of 3 to 4. Dolomite has a wide range of applications, including building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials, chemicals and agriculture, environmental protection, energy conservation and other fields. Therefore, people have never lost their enthusiasm for the mining and processing of dolomite.

The processing of dolomite includes four stages of crushing, milling, grading and powder collecting. Since the hardness of dolomite is not high, the crushing stage is not only broken by the jaw crusher, but also the medium crushing machine can meet the requirements. . The Dolomite impact crusher is a SBM machine specially developed for the dolomite nature. The birth of this equipment makes people more comfortable when breaking dolomite.

Dolomite impact crusher structure

Dolomite impact crusher

The dolomite impact crusher (referred to as the dolomite counterattack) is mainly composed of a hammer head, a rotor, a casing and the like. The inside of the casing includes a transmission shaft, a rotor, a hammer, a semi-circular upper guard plate, a lower sieve plate, a feed port, a counterattack plate and the like.

Dolomite impact crusher working principle

During work, the coarsely crushed dolomite blocks are fed into the crusher chamber of the impact crusher through the feed port covered by the chain, and then slide along the groove to the rotor that rotates rapidly. At this time, the dolomite collides with the rotor hammer, the grid slats and the counterattack plate several times, and even breaks. According to the degree of pulverization of dolomite, the products with the qualified particle size are discharged to the discharge port between the grid bar and the rotary circumference of the rotor hammer by the gap between the grid bars, and the unqualified grain material remains in the crushing cavity for a new one. The grinding of the wheel is discharged until it is qualified.

Dolomite impact crusher performance characteristics

  • 1. Heavy-duty rotor design and strict testing methods to ensure high quality rotor.
  • 2. The high-chromium alloy is used for the wearing parts such as the hammer head, which makes the hammer head more wear-resistant, the production capacity is stronger, and the service life is longer.
  • 3. It has the functions of three-stage crushing and shaping, so the crushing ratio is large, the shape of the product is cubic, and it can be selectively broken.
  • 4. Through the lifting device, the rack can be quickly opened, and the parts can be replaced and repaired.
  • 5. The bearing seat adopts integral cast steel structure, which makes the operation more stable and safe. It adopts larger bearing specifications and has higher bearing capacity.
  • 6. The line speed is reduced by 20% to 25% compared with the general impact crusher. Get high productivity with low energy consumption.
  • 7. The new oil filter system ensures that the bearings and other transmissions are not accidentally worn, thus stabilizing the service life.

In general, the Dolomite impact crusher is a SBM machine that combines the specific industrial and mining conditions of the sand and gravel industry at home and abroad. It is developed with reference to advanced technology and can be used in the second and third grades of medium and fine dolomite operation. High efficiency, energy saving, perfect particle size, advanced technology, and excellent quality parts.

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